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October 7, 2006

After that first post, I thought I would explain the motivations behind GrubNoise. I have two very important passions in life, first is music and the second is food. After a few forays into combining the two back at, my regular outlet for musical writing, I decided to give it a go and start this blog. What I will do is try to emulate the great sommelier of this world who match wonderful wines to beautiful food but rather do that with music and the preparation and enjoyment of the food. As this is not exactly a discipline that has been thoroughly researched, I will try to keep it at my level (low) and try to have fun with it. Although I have plenty of music writing experience, from the past 10 years, and plenty of eating and cooking in the past 15, I am a novice at writing about later and still very much an amateur in the former. In other words: You’ll read things that don’t make any sense and chances are that they were unintentional (Please blast me in the comments if you see something like that.)

In addition to the marriage of food and music, I will sometimes link and rant about various food-related business as well as hopefully write about the food eaten on my upcoming trips abroad. You will also so some pictures around here as I experience with food and macro photography (I had never done anything like that before about a month ago.)

I hope you will enjoy your stay here and see things that might interest you.