Pied de Cochon: Decadence

June 3, 2007

Just a few pictures from latest visit to restaurant au Pied de Cochon:

Taragon Deer Tongue: Demi Glace, Béarnaise, Dijon

Lobster Roll:1 1/2 Pound Lobster with mayo and greens, melted old cheddar and Torchon Foie Gras, with a bit of demi glace on brioche bun.

Wonderful person who made the roll, much self-restraint was necessary to not jump the bar and give her a thank you hug for that decadent treat.



  1. Saw this on Tastespotting and my gawd, I was drooling over your sandwich. It sounds as incredibly delicious at it looks. I’m so jealous you got to eat it. I don’t know of anyone Stateside who makes this sandwich. I may have to make it myself.

  2. I thought the Maine lobster rolls had cornered the market for decadence, but this ups the ante quite a bit.

  3. Oh yeah, Maine has nothing on this, this is way more decadent. I was in a strange lipo-haze all night after this…

  4. The Tarragon Venison Tongue is definitely going to be my app the next time I visit. I actually prefer the lobster Guédille without the aged cheddar. I think it overpowers the lobster and the foie.

  5. How much were those things? A regular lobster roll is usually pretty pricey 0- and I’ve only eaten them in Maine, where I figure if I’m gonna pay that much for a sandwich it might as well be as fresh as possible.

  6. The Roll was pretty pricey, they basically sell the lobster by the pound, 35$ a pound, and you choose the amount you want in the roll. I had 1 1/2 pound in there, so you can do the math.

  7. I went to au Pied de Cochon this Wednesday and was pleasantly unsurprised. My friend had soupe gratinee a l’oignons which the wine totally covered the aroma of the onions which is the centerpiece in the soup.

    Totally disappointed. The magret de canard I ordered which was way too salty. And the shitakee mushrooms that went a long were so badly cooked they were hard to eat.

    Definitely a big disappointment. Oh and did I mention the service is very “stuck up waiters” style. The kind that acts like they are some renowned masters of fine dining.

    Not worth it. Forget about all the good reviews.

    Cause this is all about HYPE!

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