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CSA & Half a Lamb

April 4, 2007

Despite the lack of recipes posted on this blog in the past few weeks, there is no shortage of planning that has been done to ensure that the most exquisite meals will come your way soon (oh the humility of the amateur cook!) First I subscribed to a CSA, so I will be receiving boatloads of organics fruits and vegetables throughout summer and fall. So I will have to do something with that, hopefully a few things to please the readers. Second, I commited to buying half an organically fed, humanely raised lamb. Expect lamb recipes in the fall and all through winter as I’ll go through that beast (now I gotta convince the guy that I need those nasty bits like liver, tripes, brains ¬†and all.)

Anywho, I’ll try to cook something interesting soon. Expect tasty things in the future. Now I am trying to secure foie gras directly from local farms… We’ll see how that goes!